NEW H.264 Standalone DVR Models

H.264 Standalone DVR Models Released: HT model, DT model, MT model, LT model Read more

Secube USA

Our mission is to support security distributors and to deliver the most current, reliable and cost effective security products in the market. Read more

Standalone Digital Video Recorders

Pentaplex Operation - Simultaneous Live / Record / Playback / Network / BackupLive or Playback selectable per channel on a single screen Read more

Vehicle Security DVR

“Vehicle Black box” line of Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR) for use in taxi cabs, buses, patrol cars, commercial fleets and other public and commercial vehicles. Read more

CCTV Cameras

Full line of CCTV Cameras & Accessories for any application: Dome, Box, Bullet, IR, PTZ. Read more

Display Systems

X-Tile DID will count and advertize. The network system with the digital information notice board. Read more

Machine Vision

Make machine vision easy: Ultra-Compact Housing, Progressive Scan, Adjustable Frame Rate Read more
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