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X-Tile DID Series

DID Series

X-Tile DID will count and advertize. The network system with the digital information notice board Fick the blue for information display to be the brand is produced.


Main Features

High Clear and Quality Display

High quality of picture display with high-resolutions WUXGA (1920x1080), High-clear (1800:1) LCD panel

Various Contents Display

Display with moving picture, flash image, still image and text broadcasting

Multimedia Screen Composition

Operating various multimedia content at the same time on single panel through screen partition function.

Server-Client Networking Systems

The remote controlling client displays for schedule update, real-time contents updating, sending urgent messages, etc.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Structure of the Content Display Screen



Control Software Function

Controlling all X-Tile DID in the World

Regardless of the physical location of the X-Tile DID, as long as it is connecte4d to the Internet (dynamic or static IP) and registered with X-Tile DID system, they of the X-Tile DID solution can control, from a remote location, the clients for conveyance of information.

Display the Content Simultaneously with the Screen Partition Function

X-Tile DID can divide the single screen into several zones and display the necessary content into the zones where the user wants to place them simultaneously. This enables the user to acquire two goals at once advertising and delivering information.

Real-Time Message Relay to all X-Tile DID

User operating X-Tile DID manager program can send real-time message to all registered X-Tile DID which are displaying their contents.

Furthermore, it is possible to send message to the group that users really need to be sending to.

Displaying the Content Based on the Scenarios or Schedules

X-Tile DID has a Scenario Function, with which the user can effectively place the various types of content (including videos, flash movies, images, text messages, or web pages that he or she wishes to display.

Through the Scenario Function, the user can divide the screen freely, merge the content and set the playing time for the file, and then save the setting on the data server for future reference or user. The saved content may be displayed at the time specified by each client, which the user can set according to his or her broadcasting schedule.

Dimensions / Specifications





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