AT Series Standalone DVR


Special Functions


Real-time (480fps) Recording / Playback
Recording and Playing back up to 480fps.

Cameo Live / Playback Function
Live Monitoring and Playback can be performed on a single screen.
MPEG-4 Real-time Standalone DVR System

e-Map Function
Locating any cameras to any spots on a map in .bit map format by drag & drop / Convenient hot key menu supporting Event Pop-up, Digital Zoom, Video Save and Print.

Front USB Ports and Built-in CDRW (DVD-RW - option)
Connecting various External devices / Mouse, Memory Stick or External USB HDD.

Mass Storage System up to 1.5TB (1xCD(DVD)-RW, 3xSATA HDDs)
Up to 1.5TB of Internal Storage while using CD-RW or DVD-RW as a backup device.

Major Features

  • Real-time(480fps) Display/Recording/Playback.
  • 4 x SATA (1 x SATA CD or DVD-RW, 3 x SATA HDDs).
  • 1000Mbps Ethernet.
  • Pentaplex Operation - Simultaneous Live / Record / Playback / Network / BackupLive or Playback selectable per channel on a single screen.
  • Multiple Video Outputs: 1 Main, 1 VGA, 3 Spot Outputs.S.M.A.R.T (HDD Health Checking) & NTP(Network Time Protocol).
  • User Friendly Graphic menu and Pop-up menu.Multiple Search Mode and Smart Search Function.
  • Hidden (Covert) Camera Function
  • Multi-site/Enterprise Level Client Software with e-Map and 64ch Monitoring / Remote Configuration / Remote S/W upgrade / Web Browser (Internet Explorer)
  • Static and Dynamic IP support / Dynamic DNS Server for Easy Remote Connection.Automatic E-mail Notification
  • Backup files into AVI & JPEG formats
MPEG-4 Real-time Standalone DVR System - GUI

GUI (Graphic User Interface)

  • User Friendly Graphic Menu
  • Convenient Pop-up Menu
MPEG-4 Real-time Standalone DVR System - live view

Live Viewer / Search Viewer

  • 64ch simultaneous monitoring and recording
  • Cameo Live or Playback per channel
  • Timeline Based Search
  • Remote Alarm In / Out control
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Favorites function
  • Live Image save and print
  • Digital Zoom
MPEG-4 Real-time Standalone DVR System - Server Management

SMS (Server Management Software)

  • Remote Event Monitoring
  • Event Log Management
  • Manages Unlimited number of DVRs
  • E-Map based Monitoring
  • Remote Server Configuration Setup
  • Remote Server Upgrade(Direct /Event / Schedule /CD Burning)
  • Remote Backup and CD Burning
  • Extensive Software Development Kit(SDK)
MPEG-4 Real-time Standalone DVR System - Web Viewer

Web Viewer

  • Ms Internet Explorer Viewer
  • Remote Alarm In/Out Control
  • Remote PTZ control
  • Digital Zoom
  • Live Image Print Saving & Printing